5 Strange Astral Projection Dangers and Fear Of Out Of Body Travel You Need To Know

Curious about astral projection dangers and how to have safe out of body experience. Well there are lot of myth and The Dangers of Astral Projection you may hear from web and some other sources.

We have explored astral projection from many perspectives. We have seen what happens when the astral body temporarily leaves the physical body, traveled with it around the world and into other realms, and followed it to the moment of death and beyond.

But now let’s ask a common question about astral projection: Can it be dangerous?

Astral projection expert with a lot of experience in astral projection, says the dangers are very slight.

Some people fear that while their astral bodies are elsewhere, an evil entity like an earthbound spirit or a demon might take over their bodies.

However, according to some spiritual guru this fear is unfounded as they discus about common Astral Projection Dangers and how to have safe experience.

Every night, many people leave their bodies while sleeping without realizing it, and there is no evidence that they are in danger or taken over.

While astral projection is common, possession is extremely rare and is not related to out-of-body experiences.

astral projection dangers

It is true that a few people have reported negative experiences in the astral realm, such as encountering sinister forms or engaging in psychic battles.

For example, Robert A. Reese wrote about an experience where an unseen force lifted him and then hurled him back into his body, giving him a scare.

He likely encountered one of the unpleasant but essentially powerless beings in the lowest regions of the astral realm. In the end, he was not harmed.

It’s time to discover 5 common myths and Astral Projection Dangers you should know.

Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

We generally agree that dreams are a positive experience. They teach us, entertain us, and momentarily free us from the confines of the world.

Occasionally, we might have a nightmare, which can shake and upset us, but we quickly recognize it as a harmless, though uncomfortable, experience.

Astral projection, although not a “dream,” serves similar functions for those still in their physical bodies. Like dreams, it teaches, entertains, and frees us.

Bad experiences with astral projection are much rarer than nightmares and are equally harmless. You can relate them as Astral Projection Dangers and learn from your practice.

Many unpleasant astral experiences are more about the person’s attitude than the experience itself.

Most people don’t even know that out-of-body travel is possible, and when it happens unexpectedly, they can be very scared.

They might think they are losing their minds or that they have died. With these fears, they can’t see that separating from the body is actually a very pleasurable sensation.

One valid concern is for people with heart problems.

We don’t know if the shock of astral projection could be dangerous for them, so it’s safest for them to keep their astral and physical bodies together.

Astral Projection Dangers You Need To Know

The dangers of astral projection are mostly psychological rather than physical. Lot of people afraid to practice out of body because of these common fear like;

  • What if I can’t come back into body?
  • If I die or lost in astral realm it will affect physical death
  • Demon can possess body while astral travel
  • What if I lost in astral realm or never get back in real life?

A lot of other question arise while we talk about astral travel. Is it really dangerous or people just spread myth without any actual experience.

Well you can explore common Astral Projection Dangers that are actually not a dangers but our Psychological Fear of Mind.

Astral projection as a form of escapism

You might enjoy astral projection so much that you want to do it all the time.

It can be tempting to use it as a form of escapism, a way to detach from and distract yourself from the real world.

While this isn’t harmful in itself, if it becomes an obsession, other parts of your life may begin to suffer.

A lack of balance can negatively impact your productivity and personal growth. This is the most common myth and Astral Projection Dangers that people most of time view from different perspective.

Escapism is healthy within normal limits, but if you use astral projection for this purpose, be careful not to let it go too far.

Exhaustion or Lack of Energy

Just like with lucid dreaming, it’s possible to return from astral travel feeling a bit exhausted.

While physical exhaustion is unlikely, you might feel mentally drained. Such kind of experience require lot of mental energy and consume a lot during experience.

If you have a long, vivid, and active astral projection, you could wake up feeling tired. Such kind of Astral Projection Dangers can help you to become strong on psychological level.

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Scary and Demonic Visuals

Demonic vision during Astral Travel

There is always a small chance of encountering something scary during astral travel.

You might experience sleep paralysis or realistic and terrifying visuals, making you believe that what you see is real.

Even if you know sleep paralysis is just in your head, it can still be quite frightening. Make sure you fully understand sleep paralysis before attempting astral projection.

People connect such kind of Astral Projection Dangers with demonic possession and fear of being lost in the world of spirits.

Fear of Death during Astral Projection

You don’t gain a special immunity when you have an out-of-body experience.

You can still die from a heart attack or any other unrelated bodily failure that was going to happen anyway.

However, you cannot die simply because you are astral projecting. This is another one Astral Projection Dangers you need to know.

It’s nearly impossible to prove this 100%. Even if it were possible, how would we know if someone died from an OBE?

From what we know, there haven’t been any reports throughout history of anyone experiencing biological death because of astral projection.

While you are out of your body, your body is as vulnerable to death as it normally would be.

Someone could come into your room and stab, choke, or even shoot you. In fact, if your consciousness is outside your body, you might not hear them come in.

What you are probably wondering, however, is if some entity on the astral plane can attack and kill your astral body, thus causing the death of your physical body. If this has happened to anyone, we wouldn’t know since they wouldn’t be alive to tell us.

I personally believe such kind of Astral Projection Dangers is possible, but highly unlikely, that you will die while astral projecting.

I believe there are beings powerful enough to sever your silver cord, which is the tether that keeps your astral and physical bodies connected while you are incarnated. However, the actual chance of this happening is really small.

If someone kills your physical body while you are astral, you will simply move on as you would if you were inside your body when it died.

Demon possession during Out of Body

This was certainly my biggest fear when I began. Read about my first encounter with astral projection to know what happened to me.

You’re probably wondering if someone else can take over your body while your consciousness is gone.

I don’t think it’s that easy, if it’s even possible and one of the common Astral Projection Dangers still it is not as people spread humour about it.

A demon can only possess you if you allow it, if you intend for it, or if you’re vibrating so low that you easily vacate your body just to escape your life. Like a vampire, you have to invite it in.

Still, there are entities that can drain your life force, so you want to avoid them as much as possible, unless you’re Buffy the Astral Demon Slayer.

Remember to use the white light it’s your friend.

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Get Lost and Forget How to Get Back To Your Body

It would be like forgetting where you live when you travel outside the country. This is another level of Astral Projection Dangers and you must know if it is a dangers or myth.

You might be delayed getting back into your body, and you might encounter a demon who wants to engage with you.

I once found myself back in my body with a negative being standing there, asking if I was sure I wanted to return.

After that, I started protecting my entire bedroom while astral traveling. Once I did that, they had to hang out outside my window, hoping I’d give them energy like I might toss a bone to a dog. Clearly, that was never going to happen.

You can get side tracked or delayed, but you can always get back into your body if you want to. Call upon God or an angel for help if you encounter a demon gang.

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