Automatic Writing Exercises How to Get Your Answer from Spirit and Spiritual Dimension

You can access divine guidance with automatic writing exercises.

We are not separate writers in automatic writing, but rather work alongside our spirit guides to gain insight deep into our souls. You can learn more about yourself and gain clarity in your life by using automatic writing, also known as psychography.

Automatic writing is a simple, safe, and effective method of connecting with your Soul. But don’t be put off by the “writing” aspect! automatic writing exercises can be done by every individual, from beginners who have just started their spiritual journey to season within travellers.

You don’t need to be a “good writer” or worry about spelling and grammar – none of that matters! Because automatic writing is entirely intuitive, all that matters is your heart and underlying goal.

In spiritualism, automatic writing is writing generated automatically when the subject’s attention is seemingly directed elsewhere.

automatic writing exercises

The event can occur while the individual is awake or in a hypnotic trance, commonly during a séance. Regardless of words, poetry fragments, epithets, puns, obscenities, or well-organized fantasies may be formed.

At the height of popular interest in the phenomenon in the late nineteenth century, inspiration for automatic writing was often attributed to external or supernatural forces.

Since the introduction of personality theories that claim both unconscious and conscious motivation about 1900, the inspiration for automatic writing exercises has been thought to be entirely internal.

What Is Automatic Writing?

The purpose of automatic writing exercises is to get information from the universe and your inner wisdom. It enables you to ask questions and get answers from your unconscious and spiritual dimensions.

And the best part is that it is very easy! Simply create a question on a piece of paper and then let your mind and body to guide you in writing your answer.

Automatic writing comes easy to some people. It’s amazing how soon you can get responses! However, most people need to practice.

I used to do approximately a half-hour of automatic writing exercises every day when I first started.

Once I got into the habit, my skills vastly improved and now I have great confidence in my ability to get answers with automatic writing.

The answers you get through this practice may be either from your subconscious mind or from the spirits that guide you.

The Benefits of automatic writing exercises

As you slowly and steadily learn the art and craft of automatic writing, you’ll see just how deeply it can transform your life.

Here are the main benefits of this wondrous practice known as automatic writing exercises or simply psychography:

  • Calming and centering effect on the mind and body
  • Gaining direct spiritual guidance from your Soul/Higher Self
  • More inner clarity and birds-eye-view understanding
  • Improved ability to make wise decisions
  • Healing/balancing the third eye chakra and throat chakra
  • Increased heart connection with powerful practice of automatic writing exercises.
  • Intuitive abilities are sharpened, honed, and developed
  • Feeling more supported and deeply understood by life
  • Improved ability to trust your primal gut instincts
  • Understanding what your path and purpose is in this life

There are several more advantages to automatic writing, which is part of the marvelous joy of automatic writing exercises – you never know how it may enrich your life next! You’ll gradually realize that several aspects of yourself and your life have undergone subtle yet deep spiritual alchemy.

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Automatic Writing and Spiritual Awakening

There is a deep connection between spiritual awakening and automatic writing exercises or psychography.

Many people who have experienced a spiritual awakening are drawn naturally to automatic writing.

The mystery and enchantment in this practice make it humbling, revealing, and healing – characteristics that every spiritual seeker needs.

Automatic writing exercises is a spiritual activity just like yoga or meditation, opens the door to experiences of self-realization and spiritual Oneness.

These wonderful experiences of Divine revelations can provide incredible guidance, direction, and understanding for the Soul on its journey to find its true Home.

How to Channel Your Soul through Automatic Writing

Essentially, automatic writing, when broken down into simple steps, is quite straightforward. It involves:

  • Getting a pen and paper/opening a notepad or word document
  • Thinking of a question to ask
  • Writing down the question
  • Relaxing your body and mind
  • Allowing the writing to flow spontaneously

Accessing the flow required for automatic writing, on the other hand, can be difficult without a certain type of guidance (unless you have a natural talent for it).

You may also discover, like many others, that the first time you try automatic writing exercises, it goes quite well. But then you really struggle!

This occurs because when we first try something new, our minds are frequently lacking of belief and anticipation (also known as the ‘Beginner’s Mind’).

However, we begin to build mental baggage and expectations thereafter, which tend to obstruct the process of spontaneous revelation.

Don’t be worried if this happens. You’ll need to learn how to empty your mind.

Set aside a time and space

Before initiating an automatic writing session, give yourself as much time as you need to express what has to be expressed.

Time limitations and the assumption that something “should” take a specific amount of time are two specific methods that inhibit the flow of information.

Automatic writing exercises can take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour or more in my experience.

Basically, establish a mental place where you can rest as much as possible.

You might benefit by blocking off time in the afternoons or any other period when you won’t be interrupted for at least an hour.

Remember, you need some alone time! Automatic writing is a form of inner activity that nourishes and revitalizes your deeper self.

Treat this practice with seriousness and feel that you are deserving of it!

If you need to keep the session short for any reason, set a timer so you don’t have to constantly checking the time all the time.

It’s time to think about question you want to get answer

The primary objective of automatic writing or psychography is to get advice from your Soul, especially if you have trouble hearing it in everyday life.

Begin each session of automatic writing exercises with a specific question, which you should record in your notebook or word document.

Choose a question that has been pulling at the strings of your heart or eating you up on the inside.

The more emotionally charged the question, the clearer your response. Setting an intention is another name for this phase.

It’s also essential that you direct your inquiry to someone or something specific, such as your Soul, a Spirit Guide, or your unconscious mind. For example, you could ask, “Dear Soul, why do I keep sabotaging my happiness?”

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Relax your mind

Learning how to relax your mind is the most important part of automatic writing. When your mind is still and empty of thoughts, writing spontaneously becomes much easier.

Examples of possible ways you can relax your mind include:

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Visualisation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sitting in nature
  • Yoga

If you stay in a country where plant medicines like marijuana are legal (and you feel comfortable taking it), you may want to make responsible use of this natural resource.

Do whatever is most comfortable and relaxing for you.

Enter a gentle trance during automatic writing exercises

We have the ability to easily enter trance-like states as a human beings. The most common trance state we enter is while watching television! A trance-like state is a type of altered awareness in which your conscious mind relaxes.

Entering a trance state is especially beneficial for automatic writing since it improves the spontaneous flow of knowledge.

Listening to music, yogic / holotropic breathing, mantras, repetitive tasks, guided meditations, self-hypnosis, and other methods are common ways to get into a state of relaxation trance.

Choose what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to explore.

Personally, I enjoy listening to soothing music, sitting outside in nature, and combining automatic writing exercises with mindfulness or meditation.

Allow the flow of information

You can start writing as soon as you feel ready. Don’t be worried if the words appear to be gobbledygook at first or if you can’t follow the order of information.

In fact, automatic writing exercises is a fantastic thing if you’re absolutely unaware of what you’re writing! It indicates you’re connecting with something much bigger than your thinking mind.

It’s also usual during this stage to find yourself determining and dissecting everything you write with distrust. This is very normal.

If your mind becomes overly interested, gently bring yourself back to whatever exercise you employed previously to establish a meditative state. For example, if you were breathing rhythmically, return to that.

This step will most likely need to be repeated several times.

When I’m writing, I prefer to glance away so that I’m not readily attracted into judging what I’m writing. Others, though, prefer to look. Experiment to see what works best for you.

If you’re not used to writing, you’ll certainly have some hesitation at first, which is normal. You’ll get into “the flow” of it with practice, which means that automatic writing will become easier and easier to accomplish without conscious thought.

Remember not to pass judgment on anything you’ve written just yet. Concentrate on entering a meditative state during automatic writing exercises, allowing your mind to be soft and unfocused, and then write!

Interpret the information

You’ll intuitively understand when your automatic writing session is coming to an end. Perhaps you’ll feel like you’ve “run dry” of energy, or your mind will sharpen again. You’ll get a sense of how this signal feels over time.

At times, you may abruptly stop writing and receive no further information.

In any event, after you’ve stopped, it’s time to go over what you’ve written. Look for cohesive sentences or keywords that may stand out initially.

Perhaps the vast majority of it is gibberish, but every now and again there is an intelligible sentence – pay attention to that.

You may also see patterns and, in some cases, words from different languages developing in your journaling.

Mantras, symbols, and even images are examples of automatic writing exercises. Be prepared to undertake some self-reflection because what comes through is often metaphorical or symbolic.

Also, if you’re unsure about what was written, you may always ask that question in your next automatic writing session.

When I’m perplexed, I like to sit and ponder what has been written for a while.

If I still haven’t figured out what the message is after a week (which is unusual), I utilize it as another query in my automatic writing sessions.

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How to Know Whether You’re Really Channeling Your Soul

The greatest way to tell if you’re receiving guidance from your Soul is to notice how you feel while writing.

Do you have an inner sense of spaciousness, lightness, or other positive “vibes”?

Or do you find yourself weighed down, emotionally heated, and mentally agitated?

In my experience of automatic writing exercises, I know I’m connecting with Soul/Spirit when I enter a state of no-mind and am completely present, calm, and at peace.

When writing gets anxious and weighty, it is regularly the result of a mental or emotional energy “body” – often known as the conscious self or ego.

Analysing what has been written is another way to figure out whether you are truly channeling your Soul.

Is the language powerful, simple, and wise? Or do the terms seem more like what your thoughts sounds like (disjointed, critical, or hazy)?

An automatic writing practice is a wonderful technique to connect with your spirit guide.

Tips for Automatic Writing for Beginners

If you are a beginner to automatic writing exercises, I really hope my step-by-step guide will help you in the process. It truly is an amazing experience that allows you to learn so much about yourself and the world around you!

Here are some handy tips for beginners of automatic writing to help you on your journey:

  • Practice every day! It may take time in order for you to gain the skills, but when you do, the benefits will be immesurable.
  • Be open-minded. It is really important to allow your unconsciousness and the spirits to guide you, so make sure your mind is open to new ideas and messages.
  • Find the relaxation techniques that suit you. If you are new to meditation and relaxation, you may wish to focus on this first before going into automatic writing. As the trace-like state is super important for automatic writing to work, you must be able to achieve this state.

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What is an example of automatic writing?

A prominent alleged example of automatic writing is the Brattleboro hoax.
When Charles Dickens died in 1870, he left The Mystery of Edwin Drood unfinished.
According to the itinerant printer T. P. James, this angered Dickens’ spirit so much that he channeled the rest of the novel through James’s hand.

How do you start automatic writing?

You can start your automatic writing or simply psychography with these steps
Grab a notebook and a pen.
At the top of your page, write down a word or sentence that represents what you’re thinking about right now.
Give yourself 10 minutes, close your eyes, and write (don’t stop)

Why is it called automatic writing?

Automatic writing claims to be in the process of writing without consciously deciding what to put down on paper. It is, for some, a liberating and spiritual process.

Are there different kinds of automatic writing?

Yes, as with any spiritual or secular practice, there are different kinds of automatic writing exercises. Some people choose to write with pen and paper, while others use a planchette and/or an Ouija board.

Is automatic writing magic?

Some believe that automatic writing allows writers to channel the spirit world. This could seem like magic. But, the vast majority of scholars and academics dismiss anything spiritual or magical about the process.

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