How to Play Charlie Charlie Challenge 3d Gameplay Online Without Any Dangers of Being Possessed By Mexican Demon

How to play Charlie Charlie game everything you need to know. This is another one type of spooky game you can play with your friends.

The Charlie charlie challenge 3d, like Ouija boards or the Bloody Mary game, is a bit of strange fun that is sure to scare your pants off.

Players set up a sheet of paper and some pencils and summon “Charlie,” a fictitious demon, to answer their questions.

Of course, there’s no demon behind the trick, but it’s still a great way to get Goosebumps with your friends, and we’ll show you how.

We’ll also explain how it works (if you want to know the secret) and where the challenge originated.

Charlie charlie challenge 3d is just another gameplay that is connected with a Mexican demon name Charlie.

charlie charlie challenge 3d

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers spent the weekend on Instagram and Vine trying to ‘summon a demon’ named Charlie.

People spend time on Instagram and twitter to show up there Charlie charlie challenge 3d game experience and spooky experience.

In this article we will learn about How to play Charlie Charlie game and what is games rule. Everything about this spooky game.

How to play Charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay

It’s all over the internet now, after exploding throughout Memorial Day Weekend.

It’s a game similar to Ouija board in which you create an X on a piece of paper, mark its quadrants “yes” and “no,” then lay two pencils across the X’s lines.

“Charlie Charlie, are you there?”

You inquire, followed by another inquiry (think Magic 8 ball).

The end result? The pencils are allegedly designed to move independently and point to “yes” or “no.”

You can easily play charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay with two pencil and a blank sheet. Follow this guide below.

On a blank sheet of paper, draw a cross to divide it into four boxes. Consider a question, then write a possible answer in each box.

2 pencils should be balanced in the center of the paper along the lines of the cross. To begin the game, say, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?”

Ask Charlie your question, and then wait for the top pencil to point to a solution.

Origin and History of the Challenge

A YouTube video has been claimed to have sparked the game.

In 2014, a video titled “Jugando Charlie Charlie” appeared on YouTube, with two people carrying colored pencils and playing a similar game in Spanish.

Soon after, the charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay went viral on social media, giving birth to the #CharlieCharlieChallenge, with hundreds of users on Twitter, Instagram, and other sites video or photographing their own challenges and posting them online.

For decades, the game, or variations on it, have been popular in the Spanish-speaking world, particularly as a schoolyard game analogous to “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” or “Bloody Mary.”

The Gallows, a film, was released in theaters around the same time as the challenge.

Advertising for the movie used the #CharlieCharlieChallenge for a quick boost, but the movie itself has little to do with the actual trend.

Charlie is said to be a Mexican demon

Legends developed that the titular Charlie was a figure from Mexican tradition, or a demon, and that the charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay began in Mexico as a way to communicate with this monster.

Unfortunately, folklore experts and Mexican journalists say there is no record of a “Charlie” in Mexican tradition, therefore this allegation is most likely false.

Others believe Charlie was killed in a car accident, while still others believe he committed suicide. The radically diverse stories are presumably proof that none of them are true.

The rumors most likely developed since the original video that sparked the trend, “Jugando Charlie Charlie,” seemed to have been shot in Mexico.

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Step by step how to play charlie charlie challenge 3d game

charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay is just another spooky game to entertain with your friends.

People believe this game is possessed by a Mexican demon but, in reality it is nothing else a simple game.

You can play it with your friends just follow step by step guide shared here.

Draw 4 boxes on a blank piece of paper

Use a pencil or a pen to draw a cross in the center of a blank sheet of paper, dividing it into 4 different sections.

Use a ruler to get straighter lines.

They don’t have to be perfect, but make them as even as possible to get the most accurate results when you play the charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay.

Label each box with a possible answer to your question

Think of the question you want to ask Charlie, then think of 2-4 possible answers to the question, and write each answer in a different box.

Or, simply write “yes” in 2 boxes and “no” in 2 boxes, if you have a yes-or-no question.

For example, if your question is, “Will I ever be rich?” you might write answers like, “Soon,” “In five years,” “In 10 years,” or, “Never.”

Avoid rigging the charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay by just writing the answer you want 4 times—that spoils the fun!

Balance one pencil on top of another in the center of the paper

Stack 2 pencils on the paper, aligning them along the cross you drew on the paper.

Balance the top pencil so that the ends line up with the line on the paper (so that it’s not pointing to any answer), and so that neither end touches the paper below it.

You may have to tweak and adjust the pencil a bit to get it to balance on top of the other.

Ask “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” and wait for the answer

Watch the pencils closely for a minute or two.

If the top pencil moves at all, it means Charlie has come to answer your questions. Follow each instruction provided with charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay clearly to avoid any mistake.

If it doesn’t Charlie doesn’t want to play right now; come back and try again in an hour or two.

Ask your question and watch the pencils for an answer

If Charlie responded to your first chant, go ahead and ask your question.

Say it loud and clear so that Charlie can hear you.

Then, keep a close eye on the balanced pencil. The urban legend states that Charlie will move the pencil to the correct answer.

You may need to ask your question 2 or even 3 times to get an answer.

If it doesn’t work, move to a different room, or even outside; Charlie may have wandered away.

Record your question and Charlie’s answer with your phone, then upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or other social media with #CharlieCharlieChallenge to show the world your results.

Chant, “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” when you’re done

Once you’ve determined your response, finish the game by shouting, “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?”

To send Charlie back to where he came from (wherever that may be).

Some believe that if you don’t send him away, even if he doesn’t respond, you open the door for him or other bad spirits to enter our world and cause havoc.

How does the challenge work?

charlie charlie challenge gameplay proof

The pencil is most likely moving due to gravity or drafts.

Of course, there isn’t a demon or a ghoul answering your questions.

The pencil most likely moves because it is slightly out of balance, and gravity pulls it one way or the other.

That, or a breeze or draft in the room, gently turns it toward an answer. Whatever the answer, it’s simply a game, and devils won’t torment you afterwards.

That said, charlie charlie challenge 3d gameplay more entertaining to believe there’s something supernatural in the room with you. And who knows, maybe there is!

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Some scientists think your own desires might influence the answer

According to some psychologists, the game may work on “response expectancy.”

In essence, you already know which answer you want, and your body subconsciously manipulates the pencil either by breathing on it or by disrupting the air with your hands to shift it toward that response.


Should I say his name out loud or in my mind?

It is recommended that you say his name out loud. That makes it more dramatic and scary.

Will the challenge be harmful in any way?

No, it won’t be harmful to you.

How do I make Charlie go away?

Replace the pencils again and say “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” If the pencil moves to yes say goodbye. If not, make a prayer and drop the pencils loudly. This will scare the demon away.


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