How To Know If You Are Cursed By Someone 10 Clear Signs You are cursed and How to Remove a Curse or Hex

How to know if someone put curse on me? There are some Signs You Are Cursed by an Evil Energy and you need to cleanse or healing to start your life normal again.

Have you recently been experiencing some depression? Strange sights or sounds?

Are going through a string of unfortunate incidents? These are clear indications that you are cursed.

Learn how to avoid getting the bad luck. Before doing any ritual you need to know about clear signs you are cursed and how to remove hex.

Since the earliest days of human civilization, curses have been one of the most widespread customs.

clear signs you are cursed

Unfortunately, many cultures around the world still use this magical practice effectively in witchcraft rituals. Because of this, being cursed is fairly common.

While the idea of being cursed may seem so old style but, it’s actually more common than you might think.

In this article you will learn how to know if you are cursed by someone. There are a few signs that you may have been cursed and what you can do about it. We have compiled 10 signs you are cursed, and more.

What Is A Curse? Signs You Are Cursed by an Evil Energy

In order to protect ourselves from negative energy and vibes, we must first know what we are dealing with.

You can have a clear idea about what is curse with “Defying Black Arts – What’s a Hex, Curse and Evil Spell”.

A Curse or a Hex is a form of the spells, cast either spontaneously (driven by anger or other dark emotions) or strategically (using ritual magic) with exceptionally malevolent and ill intention. You can see evil eye effect on your health which is also a part of negative energy and curse spells.

The Word Hex comes from the German language – Hexe – and it actually means a Witch. There are some special kind of spells casted by evil nature people on you.

There are some signs you are cursed and check them whether someone put curse spell on you.

A curse can target a person, a location, or even an object. Once the Curse is cast it will try to mark and harm the target by any means possible. It possess target person, object and location at anyhow condition.

Success rate of curse and its affect depend upon how target person was protected.

The Curse can last years and they can endure even Death, thus following the target for his/her next incarnations.

Is cursing ok?

You might want to think about it in a different way. Will wars ever end as long as people continue to develop and produce new weapons? The same applies true for curses.

As we continue to concentrate on cursing rather than releasing and healing ourselves, the karmic burden of this material world is becoming heavier.

Cursing is an intentional attempt to ‘bend’ the free will of another person. You need to know about signs you are cursed.

Our spiritual vibrations immediately fall as a result of this violation of the highest spiritual Law.

“It won’t hurt you, so do as you please.” Keep in mind that we are all connected. Each of us is a component of the same energy matrix. The effects will be worse to everyone the more we “blacken” it.

How Do I Know If I Am Cursed? Major Signs You Are Cursed

There are some clear sign that you are cursed. You can clearly experience some major problems in your life when you are a victim of curse.

In this article we are going to share major sign you are cursed and how to deal with them. If you also experience these strange experience use spiritual remedies shared here.

Finding scary stuff in your house

Witches that wish to curse you need to establish contact in order to perform it successfully. Scary stuff is clear sign signs you are cursed.

They have to apply a variety of techniques in order to do this. Dark witches frequently use fear as a weapon. Fear connects people.

If you feel cursed, this is probably going to happen as if it were a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In terms of the field of psychology, when we believe we are being watched, we can feel cursed.

What to do

Finding scary stuff in your house may be a sign of curse spells but, sometime this can be a psychological trigger that make us fearful so you have to apply some basic need like;

  • Has someone broken into your house? Regardless of the ‘curse’, call the police, if you believe that someone broke into your house and left something that is spooky to terrorize you. Any possible ‘breaking and entering’ as well as an act of vandalism should be reported.
  • Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this. You can contact a spell caster who can help you to deal with evil eye, curse and negative vibes.
  • Get rid of the spooky artifact. Never throw a possible cursed artifact in a lake!

These idea can help you to get rid from such sign of curse or hex.

Weird symbols on your house

Witches may sometimes need to use a demonic talisman or a sigil to “mark” their area. Sigil and symbol are also a signs you are cursed and you need to remove it with professional spell caster.

Finding mysteriously created “magical” talismans or sigils on your belongings indicates the presence of a witch or a person claiming to be one.

This sigil may have been painted with magical ink or carved with a knife (ritual dagger).

What to do

  • Is this an act of vandalism? Regardless of the “curse,” you should contact the police if you feel the need to report vandalism that took place on your property since it could indicate that someone is planning to frighten you.
  • It is important to report any potential assaults and acts of vandalism.
  • Call the Witches or Exorcists in your area who specialize in handling situations like this.
  • Remove the strange symbols from your work. AFTER you’ve cleansed it, apply Holy Water to the area.

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Missing photos

It’s believed that photos, especially older or non-digital ones, contain your auric energy imprinted on them. Someone stole your pic that is also a clear signs you are cursed and you need to find out who want to put curse on you.

They may even serve as a connection to the subject of the shot, whether it be a person, animal, or location. It serves as the centre of numerous events, good as well as bad.

Therefore, missing images from your home or room indicate that they could have been taken and used in sinister rituals.

How to solve this

Has your residence been broken into? Call the police if you think someone broke into your home, curse or no curse. Vandalism and possible “breaking and entering” should both be reported.

Of course, a single missing photo would be impossible to make up for. So don’t go overboard.

Call the Witches or Exorcists in your area who specialize in handling situations like this.

Missing underwear or very personal items

Undergarments and clothing generally have a strong auric imprint absorbed into them.

The same holds true for your highly private belongings, such as your watch. Witches and spell caster use your belonging to put curse and this is signs you are cursed with strong evil forces.

Your powerful energy can be used for rituals for either beneficial or harmful ends.

What to do

Regardless of the ‘curse’, call the police if you feel that someone broke into your house. Any possible ‘breaking and entering’ as well as an act of vandalism should be reported.

You may not want to report some missing underwear, but what about expensive personal items like a watch or jewelry?

Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this.

Experiencing random pain

Your energy matrix can occasionally be impacted by a psychic attack, often known as a curse, which you may experience as pain.

Therefore, this discomfort acts as your Aura warning you to a negative event. Feeling pain is also a signs you are cursed and you need to cleanse yourself.

Especially if the pain is unlike anything you have ever experienced or if it affects a completely healthy physically part.

What should you do?

  • Call your Medical doctor. Any pain should first be examined by a medical professional.
  • Monitor the pain. When did it begin? Was it on a waning moon? On the night of a Full Moon? Keep a log.
  • Cleanse and Shield your Aura energy field.

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Trees act weird or healthy houseplants get sick

First, you must examine the soil if healthy houseplants suddenly get ill. Evil witches who operate incognito usually prefer to bury magical things on houseplants.

Because they lack a reliable method of aura cleansing, houseplants are vulnerable to illness. They experience the effects first.

Early blooming peach trees are also seen to be a bad omen. You can detect some signs you are cursed if you feel these change in your house.

What to Do:

  • Examine the soil and the pot. If a mystical or unidentified item or liquid is found, then get ready for cleansing. Get rid of the item.
  • Consult a professional if more of your plants are affected.

Pets or local animals act weird

Usually, a curse attracts low-vibration entities that lurk around the cursed target. Hence, animals – who are more sensitive to spotting spirits and/or energies – act weird. This can be a clear sign that you are cursed.

This is a clear signs you are cursed, or your place may be a haunted place.

You can notice some weird change happening around you like

  • Birds – usually ravens – flying around your house or territory.
  • Dogs barking at absolutely nothing. At least, so you think about signs you are cursed.
  • Cats sparring out of nowhere. At least so you think…
  • Cats assuming a defensive pose.
  • Ants (especially red ones) occupying a place (where they were not before).

What to Do

  • Observe closely the animal behavior what it indicate about signs you are cursed.
  • Try casting a cleansing spell or rinsing your home with Holy Water. Do animals behave differently now?

Seeing someone cursing you in your dreams

Usually, witches who curse are enraged people who are prone to making mistakes. The witches try to warn them if they repeat such mistake they will pay for it.

Therefore, they don’t cover their ‘psychic tracks’. This can be a major signs you are cursed and you need to be carefull.

Hence, an intuitive yet cursed target might persistently see the target in his/her dreams. This might be a warning signal.

What to Do

Ask yourself: Is there a reason why this person is cursing me? If you think that you may have done something bad to this person, try to make things right.

  • Make a ‘forgiving ritual’. This is the ultimate way to break the connection.
  • Forgive yourself for letting your guard down or for any mistake you believe you made.
  • Forgive the one who you believe has cursed you or for any mistake.
  • Love and embrace yourself and all the World creating a powerful shield of Light around you.
  • Conjure a Shield against Darkness.

If you notice anyone signs you are cursed, you can see some powerful forgive spell shared on our blog.

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Encountering dark omens

A blue butterfly is a sign that magic is at work in this case. Keep in mind that you might need to read between the lines unless the magic is yours.

Additionally drawn to magic, both good and bad, are crows and owls. Try to find out what’s going on if an owl is hooting before dawn or a raven unintentionally crosses your path.

Death watch insects making strange noises. Due to the fact that this sound is more frequently heard when people are dead or dying, it is said to be a bad omen. Dark omen or bad luck is one among clear signs you are cursed.

The identification of a dark egg yolk is regarded as a sign of evil luck or black magic. It can also be used to determine whether you are cursed.

What to Do:

  • Observe the Omens patiently. Write it down.
  • Ask for help with what you’ve seen. Prophetic dreams might be very helpful. If the omen persists cast a cleansing Ritual and Conjure a Shield.

Protective amulets break or disappear

The last is my favorite signs you are cursed. Amulets are worn so that they take all the damage instead of the person or house they are protecting. Hence, when an amulet is broken or disappears it means that its energy has been consumed.

What to Do:

  • Replace the amulet with a new one! Do not fix the broken one.
  • Return the broken amulet to the Earth and thank the spirits for helping you.

What to do if you know you are cursed by someone

Don’t panic if you think you’ve been cursed; there are ways to remove the curse. A curse is a form of negative energy that has been directed at you with the intention of doing you harm.

A spell, hex, or curse can all result in punishments. Whether the curse was placed on you knowingly or unknowingly, it is essential to take action to lift it.

If you notice above signs you are cursed you should follow some curse removal tips and tricks shared on blog.


Discover the origin of the curse. You must determine who or what cast the curse on you in order to break it. Once the cause has been found, you can start trying to break the curse. There are still ways to break the curse if you are unable to locate its source.

Past loves, enemies, and broken friends are a few common causes of curses.

Before attempting to cast out the curse, it’s important that you attempt to repair your relationship with the person if they are someone dear to you.

You can notice these signs you are cursed and it is totally depend upon you whether you accept them or reject.

It’s also necessary to make an effort to forget the person who cursed you. Any negative energy that you are holding onto will be released as a result. There are still ways to break the curse without their help if you are unable to fix your relationship.

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Q1: What are the universal signs of being cursed?

A1: The universal signs of being cursed fall into three categories: Psychological (e.g., consistent nightmares, depression without cause), Anatomical (e.g., persistent headaches, chest pressure while sleeping), and External (e.g., electrical maladies, extended streak of bad luck).

Q2: How can I tell if I’m cursed psychologically?

A2: Psychological signs of being cursed include persistent nightmares with the same theme, unexplained depression or oppression, and acting out of character with habits telepathically inserted into your mind.

Q3: What are the anatomical symptoms of being cursed?

A3: Anatomical symptoms of being cursed may include persistent headaches that are out of the ordinary, feeling chest pressure while sleeping, and experiencing issues like erectile dysfunction, infertility, or low libido.

Q4: What external conditions suggest that I might be cursed?

A4: External signs of being cursed include experiencing unusual electrical maladies (e.g., fast-draining batteries, frequent computer crashes) and an extended streak of bad luck where multiple unfortunate events occur in succession.

Q5: How can I cleanse myself of negative energy or attachments if I suspect a curse?

A5: To cleanse yourself, perform a Banishing Ritual to remove negative energy and negative thoughts. Additionally, use the smoke of Cedar to cleanse your living space from draining energies and spirits.

Do curses really exist? How to remove curse spells final conclusion

What about curses? Many individuals think they do, and if you’re among those who think you’ve been cursed, then this blog post is for you.

Here, we’ll explore some of the most typical warning signs that you could have been cursed, as well as some practical advice for casting curses out.  You need to identify some clear signs you are cursed and then how to remove a curse spells.

Note that while some curses can be readily removed, others may call for more work (and sometimes even specialist help).

Yet, keep in mind that you can break a curse if you take an important step and maintain your good attitude throughout the process. If you think you have symptom and signs you are cursed just follow some easy spell mentioned here.

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