The Ghost of Ladakh Manali Highway Who Haunt visitors for Water and Food

Do you ever hear about a ghost temple on gata loops near leh where water bottles are offered to the spirit? There are lot of paranormal stories and tales about a ghost that haunt people who travel there and ask for water.

You can see Ghost Temple of Gata loops on Manali leh highway.

If you’ve ever driven from Manali to Leh on the Manali-Leh highway, you’ve probably seen the ‘Gata Loops.’ And if you haven’t been on that road yet, here’s something important to know before starting your road trip.

The well-known Ghost Temple of Gata loops feature a spooky temple, and you might be surprised to find some unusual things on the roadside.

Gata Loops is a winding section of the road with 21 sharp turns, located on the Manali-Leh highway at an elevation of around 17,000 feet.

A milestone marks the beginning of Gata Loops for travellers. You can see a small temple and lot of water bottle spread here.

Ghost Temple of Gata loops

People believe they offer water and food to the ghost of gata loops and he will not haunt them. Two paranormal story about Ghost Temple of Gata loops are still popular among peoples.

According to people there is a ghost of truck driver who stuck there and died in unfortunate accident. He became ghost and haunt visitor on gata loops.

Two story about ghost of gata loops and his temple is most popular and both are connected to ghost of truck driver. In this article lets explore the paranormal story of the ghost of Gata loops.

Ghost Temple of Gata loops

In a place known for its stunning landscapes and ancient religious practices, Gata Loops on the Leh-Manali road has a unique spiritual history.

During the 2023 Trans-Himalaya ride, as bikers descend the 21 loops covering 10 km, they might notice something peculiar around the 19th loop – the Ghost Temple.

While it may seem like a collection of plastic bottles, Ghost Temple of Gata loops actually a shrine created by locals to appease the Ghost of the Gata Loops.

Legend has it that years ago, during a late-season snowstorm, a truck with two men broke down near the 19th loop.

Stranded and fearing theft of their cargo, one man walked to a nearby village for help, while the other stayed behind.

Unfortunately, the stranded man perished due to lack of water, food, and warmth. His body was buried where the truck broke down, giving rise to the Ghost Temple.

Over time, travelers reported encountering a man pleading for water around the loops, who would vanish when approached.

Concerned about a potential curse, locals established a brick shrine where water bottles were placed to quench the spirit’s thirst. Soon, other travelers joined in, and the Ghost Temple emerged.

According to the story of Ghost Temple of Gata loops, those who neglect to offer water at the temple may face misfortune. So, riders on the Trans-Himalaya journey might want to carry an extra water bottle, just in case!

What makes Gata Loops so much paranormal and strange?

Gata Loops, as the name suggests, is a section of winding road with 21 hairpin bends situated on the Manali-Leh road at an altitude of approximately 17,000 feet.

Travelers can identify the beginning of Gata Loops by a milestone. There is place you can easily spot by plastic bottle known as Ghost Temple of Gata loops.

The entire sequence of loops spans about 10.3 kilometres, with each loop measuring between 300-600 meters.

However, the last two loops stand out, being 800 and 1 kilometre long, respectively.

For owners of smaller vehicles who prefer to avoid the challenge of navigating through all 21 loops, there is an option to take shortcuts.

Alternatively, the roads with sharp turns are designed to accommodate the movement of trucks.

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Story of ghost temple

As travelers approach the 19th bend of the Gata Loops, they are confronted with a disturbing sight: mineral water bottles and numerous cigarette packets scattered around a small stone structure by the roadside.

ghost of ladakh manali highway

The natural question that arises is: Why is all this here?

You can explore it more with the unfortunate accident story of truck driver and building of Ghost Temple of Gata loops. The answer takes us back to 1999 when a truck transporting goods crossed the Rohtang Pass during winter.

Unfortunately, Kunzum Pass on the other side was closed due to heavy snowfall.

The challenging weather conditions, with heavy snow making the roads difficult to navigate, added to the difficulties faced by the truck.

Inside the truck were the driver and a helper, the latter of whom was unwell.

Unfortunate accident due to no help no food

As luck would have it, the truck experienced a breakdown on the 19th bend of the Gata Loops. Here Ghost Temple of Gata loops is most popular spot as people see a ghost who haunt them for water and food.

Despite their best efforts, the driver and the helper were unable to fix the truck.

Eventually, they opted to wait for assistance from a passing vehicle. Unbeknownst to them, the closure of the Rohtang Pass meant that no vehicles could traverse the route at that time.

After waiting for hours without any assistance in sight, the truck driver made the decision to walk to the nearest village and bring back a mechanic.

Considering the helper’s unwell condition, he chose to remain inside the truck to attend to the cargo.

The driver reached Sarchu, the closest hamlet, but before he could return to Gata Loops, heavy snowfall began.

A shocking sight

Several days later, when the weather improved, the driver embarked on his journey to reclaim his truck and attend to his helper.

Upon reaching the location where the truck had broken down, he was met with profound dismay as he discovered the lifeless body of his helper.

It was evident that the helper had succumbed to the harsh conditions of cold, hunger, and thirst. Subsequently, the local community undertook the burial of the deceased at the roadside of the 19th bend.

Visitors offering food and water to Ghost Temple of Gata loops and pray to not haunt them.

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A Temple Made To Pacify the Ghost of Truck Driver

Over the passing days and years, travelers navigating this route have shared accounts of encountering a relatively young man approaching them, seeking water and other provisions.

Recognizing this man to be none other than the ghost of the helper, local villagers established a modest shrine to pacify his spirit.

People who travel from that sight (Ghost Temple of Gata loops) frequently contribute mineral water and cigarettes to the shrine, aiming to prevent the ghost’s displeasure and avert any potential misfortune on the journey.

Whether this tale is rooted in reality or has evolved through various retellings to foster the provision of necessities like water and cigarettes in challenging landscapes remains unclear.

What can be stated is that encountering the alleged ghost is not a universal experience; some may witness it while others may not.

If you decide to explore, our humble suggestion is to exercise caution and perhaps avoid that particular spot.

Proceed on your journey to discover the beauty of settlements and places beyond—there’s a distinct world waiting to greet you.


What is the story of the Ghost Temple of Gata Loops?

Over time, people traveling along this path have mentioned encountering a young man who asks for water and other things. When locals thought he might be the ghost of a helper, they built a small shrine to calm his spirit.

What is the meaning of Gata Loops?

Gata Loops is a series of 21 hairpin bends that lead to the top of one of the highest motorable passes in Ladakh region that is Nakee La.

What is the haunted road in Ladakh?

Gata Loops is a name not many know, except those who’ve been on the Manali Leh highway or are planning to go.
It consists of 21 sharp bends that lead to the third high-altitude pass on this highway, Nakeela, which is at a height of 15,547 feet.

Which temple is famous for ghosts?

Ladakh, celebrated for its beauty, conceals intriguing mysteries. Ghost Temple of Gata loops, a series of bends on the Manali-Leh highway, is said to be haunted by a ghost.
Legend has it that a stranded truck cleaner’s spirit roams the loops, prompting locals to set up a shrine with offerings.
In Giu village, a 550-year-old mummified monk, associated with Zogchen meditation, is revered as the guardian deity.
Meanwhile, Baralacha La’s high-altitude pass harbors a chilling tale—the haunted Shaheed Smarak Bhawan, believed to be inhabited by cannibal spirits. Ladakh’s allure extends beyond its landscapes to tales of the supernatural.

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