5 Major Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and How to Alter Your Thoughts to Get Most of Affirmation

Affirmation play an important role in personal development and subconscious mind programing. There are so many Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and you need to fix it.

Have you ever noticed yourself repeating affirmations day after day and wondering why they aren’t working?

Something didn’t feel quite right. You repeat like a robot, “I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire, I am…” you get the point.

And you didn’t notice any change after repeating these affirmations.

In fact, they made you feel even worse than before, because you now feel even more hopeless because what you were told would work didn’t.

Don’t be worried if that sounds like you! I’ve been there and done that, so I know what to do. Here I will tell you basic Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and how to fix them.

I know how frustrating it is when your affirmations aren’t working, and I also understand how a few easy changes may make all the difference.

Reason Why Affirmation Not Working

In this article, I’ve discussed the five most common reasons why your affirmations fail to achieve results you want.

I’m sure you’ve made at least one of these typical errors yourself.

I’m sure I have!

Once you’ve figured out why your affirmations aren’t working, you’ll be able to make changes and produce affirmations that DO WORK!

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

You have lack of emotion in affirmation | lack of clarity and intention in your affirmation | affirmation are far away from Your current reality | Confusing and misleading use of affirmation | You dont know what truely you want

Common Reason Why Affirmation Not Working?

There can be certain Reasons Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working like they can conflict with our deeply ingrained beliefs.

One of the reasons why affirmations often don’t work is that they can conflict with our deeply ingrained beliefs.

If a woman has a subconscious belief that she is not able to achieve success, repeated affirmations like

“I am successful”

Will not always change her core belief. In this case, the affirmation may even have the opposite impact, strengthening the negative thinking and causing feelings of anger and disappointment.

When people say, “don’t think of the color blue,” we normally do.

Similarly, if we say to ourselves “I am rich” when we have very little in our bank account, we are likely to think of the very little in our bank account, if it is a subconscious worry for us.

Another Reason Why Affirmation Not Working is that they are too general and lack emotional connection.

Simply repeating a word does not always result in a change in behavior or thought.

Affirmations must be personal, meaningful, and emotionally charged in order to be effective. They must be modified to the exact demands and desires of the individual.

Here is most common 5 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Are Not working you can notice and stay alert while creating an affirmation next time.

5 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working

No doubt, I am a great believer in using tools to train my mind to help me succeed in business.

When it comes to self-development, however, there is a fine line between being open-minded and being fooled. And when it comes to affirmations, it’s simple to see why many are unsure of their effectiveness.

You need to know hidden Reason Why Affirmation Not Working.

After all, you can affirm all you want, but if you’re not dealing with the fundamental causes of what’s holding you back, nothing else of affirmation can deceive your mind into believing it’s true.

It’s like to sticking a smiling face sticker on a bleeding wound; it’s useless at addressing the underlying issue.

Affirmations are not a one-size-fits-all solution; their success is determined by the person’s beliefs, how they are used, and the approach into which they are incorporated.

Women in business who wish to use affirmations to help them grow and develop should make them personal, important, and emotionally charged, and include them into their daily routine.

They can use affirmations to enhance self-confidence, fight negative ideas, and achieve their goals by doing so. You need to understand these Reasons Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working.

There Is No Emotion in Your Affirmation

lack of emotion in your thought

If you repeat your affirmations on a daily basis without emotion, they will not have the same impact. Repeat a word without any emotion is the biggest Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and you face failure.

If you simply repeat statements to yourself without experiencing a positive feeling, you are not giving them any power.

The problem is that most people unconsciously affirm negative statements with negative emotions to themselves all the time.

That’s why they constantly having to deal with things they don’t want to deal with.

As an example…

“I am so broke” “

“I hate having no money”

“I can’t afford that”

When someone repeats things like that to themselves all day while feeling unhappy and helpless, they are strengthening their belief that they have no money.

Their own actions and behaviors will keep them constant with those affirmations and feelings. You must observe this kind of Reason Why Affirmation Not Working while repeating any affirmation.

And, yeah, even if it’s negative and unconsciously, it’s still an affirmation. It’s still something you’re telling yourself.

Here are a few things you may do while using affirmations to help you feel more positive affirmation:

  • Listen to your favorite upbeat music when you say your affirmations.
  • Say affirmations that you TRULY want. (more on this shortly)
  • Move your body. Incant those statements, don’t just say them.

The key here is to make sure you’re not just repeating those affirmations without feeling anything.

For most effective effect, you should be in a positive frame of mind when saying them. If you don’t want to be failure always be careful about such kind of Reason Why Affirmation Not Working.

You’ll also notice that a handful of the other items on this list will most likely make a significant difference in how you FEEL when saying your affirmations.

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Saying A Few Affirmations Here And There Isn’t Enough

lack of time

This is a pretty straightforward task.

Most people just don’t use affirmations often enough to have an impact on the subconscious mind.

Saying them for a few days and a few times here and there will not enough.

You must commit to reciting them for months if required.

I’m guilty of making this error myself. This can be another Reason Why Affirmation Not Working as it require a lot of attention.

I’d make these lovely affirmations and then recite them for a week or so and then quit.

I’d then go back and wonder why they hadn’t worked.

You must commit to communicating them repeatedly until you get the intended result.

You should eventually realize that your ideas are automatically aligning with those affirmations.

Your Affirmations Are So Far From Your Current Situation

lack of moment in affirmation

This is a big mistake that I have made in the past and that many others keep making. Always choose affirmation that are based on reality and present moment. This will help you to identify any Reason Why Affirmation Not Working.

Saying affirmations that are so far off from your current reality that they just serve to remind you of how far away you are.

You will not feel happy if you do not fully believe it is attainable or if it causes you to focus on how far you still have to go.

Your mind will just disagree with you, claiming that this is silly or false.

You want your affirmations to be believable. You should have enough idea to ignore these Reason Why Affirmation Not Working.

Here’s an example of what NOT to say if you want to lose weight.

You might desire to lose 75 pounds and think it would be a good idea to create an affirmation like…

“I have lost 75 pounds and am slim and trim”

Even though this is a positive statement written in the present tense, it will constantly remind you of how overweight you are, which will NOT make you feel good.

Something like this would be better…

“I am feeling more comfortable in my skin and can move with ease.”

Or you might say “Slowly but surely my pants keep getting looser and looser”.

Does that make sense?

It’s the same with money; don’t say “I am a millionaire” 100 times a day if you just have $10 in your bank and no other source of income.

This will only serve to remind you that you are not a millionaire. This is the common Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and you need to change your way of affirmation.

Say anything like…

“I give myself permission to prosper and grow.”

Said “I have the power to create success and build the financial security I desire.”

Hopefully, you can see how one small change can make a big difference.

The most important thing to remember is to concentrate on how you feel when you speak an affirmation. If it doesn’t make you feel good, try a different one until it does.

Now you have clear idea about Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and easily replace them with proper affirmation.

Your Affirmation Is A Tongue Twister

Something I see people do is create long complicated affirmations that are more like tongue twisters.

Actually, the author of a book I just finished yesterday wrote about using affirmations and gave a script to create them.

It sounded more like a mission statement to me. It was around four paragraphs long.

That’s a lot to keep track of paragraph. Using such kind of paragraph is another Reason Why Affirmation Not Working.

It simply needs to be good, simple, and easy to say.

The only exception for longer affirmations is if they are rhyming, such as this…

‘I have wonderful work in every way, and I give wonderful service for wonderful compensation!’

Rhyming ones are very enjoyable to say, aren’t they?

This brings us to the final reason why your affirmations could not be functioning.

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You Don’t Truly Want The Desired Result

This is another Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and why you need to solve such issue.

Many times, I’ve said affirmations for a goal I didn’t truly desire, and as a result, I didn’t feel happy about saying them since I didn’t care about what would happen.

As an example.

I used to want to acquire a Lamborghini and would make affirmations to help me achieve that objective.

The only problem was that I didn’t really want one (despite my best efforts).

I set it as a goal because that’s what I believed success looked like at the time.

I’ve realized I don’t want a new car, let alone a Lamborghini.

At the moment, I’m truly satisfied with the car I own because it’s already nice and makes me happy.

Money is the same way. Just find out major Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and fix them with alternative thoughts.

I intended to earn £100,000 per month. Probably because I’d seen others with similar goals.

It took me a bit to realize I didn’t want some of the things I had set as goals.

When I sat down and thought about it, all I wanted was freedom. Freedom from all cares and the ability to do whatever I want.

This meant that A normal-sized home without a mortgage or a very small one. Enough money to go on vacation with the family 3 times a year.

Money for good food and nice clothes.

Savings in my bank, and free from any kind of debt. To live a life like that, I believed that £100,000 per year would enough.

That is only 10% of my original target. This is another Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and you need to fix what you are using.

I felt okay about that objective because I knew why I wanted it, and it wasn’t even that large or outrageous.

So, what’s going on here?

Affirmations ought to help you do, be, or achieve what you REALLY WANT. Not something you WISH you wanted.

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How to make the most of affirmations conclusion

Affirmations are helpful, but there are ways to improve their efficacy. Consider what will help you the most in your life right now while choosing conditions. Then you can make a plan and keep to it, keep using affirmations for inspiration.

Find out above Reason Why Affirmation Not Working in your practice and alter them with optional condition.

Consider reciting your chosen affirmations on a daily basis to make them a habit. Try to concentrate on self-compassion and positive self-talk.

You may not notice a difference right away, but try to be patient at this point in your journey. It may take some time for the phrases to make a difference in your life.

Positive affirmations can be helpful when said out loud or written down in a journal. However, it’s important to realize that words have power, and using affirmations may trigger negative thoughts and emotions.

Take a few deep breaths before beginning your daily affirmations.

Then, after practicing, attempt to observe how those words influence you emotionally and physically. Breathe deeply and examine your feelings without judgment.

It’s fine to stop practicing if you have negative thoughts or feelings. Try other mindful techniques, such as grounding exercises, to help you cope and create a sense of safety.

This will helps you to identify these Reason Why Affirmation Not Working and you can easily solve any kind of issue you are facing.

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