5 Proven Most powerful Vashikaran Mantra for Love Back and Love problem Solution

Most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back is such a practice using which you can successfully vashikaran women, men, your high officials, so that they will always be subordinate to you.

In today’s modern era, many people have the idea that no one can be controlled by using Vashikaran mantra, but believe me, it is our own experience that most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back mantras work 100% and the methods told by us By using given mantras thousands of people have achieved success and made their life successful.

Vashikaran mantra and sadhna are not being used in India for centuries and these mantras can be used not only for love affair but also to sweeten the relationship between husband and wife.

If you want, you can also use these mantras to control your superiors. Parents can also make their children successful by using these mantras to bring them on the right path.

Everyday many people come to us with the problem that the chanting of vashikaran mantra done by them is not successful, due to which they are unable to succeed in those whom they want to vashikaran.

most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back

In order to make any Vedic or Tantric practice successful, some things have to be kept in mind. In today’s chapter, we are going to tell you 06 most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back mantras, using which you can easily vashikaran.

Let us first of all know why the chanting of Vashikaran mantra of many people is not successful.

How to perform most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back

Often this problem happens with many people that they chant mantras but the chanting of mantras done by them is not successful and they are not able to subjugate the person whom they want to control.

Let us first know that Because of what reasons the chanting of vashikaran mantras is not successful.

  • If a person uses these mantras only to fulfil his selfishness or to cheat someone or to make physical relation with someone, then the chanting done by him is never successful.
  • If you want to vashikaran someone, then it is necessary to have a little familiarity with them, if you use these most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back mantras on any unknown man or woman, then they will never be successful.
  • While chanting the super powerful Vashikaran mantra, pronounce the words properly, if the pronunciation of any mantra word is not correct then your chanting will never be successful.
  • Chant or practice any vashikaran mantra in a secluded and quiet place only, where no one can see you. If someone sees you doing this sadhna, then your action will never be successful.
  • Keep your mind focused while doing Vashikaran Sadhana and do not get up leaving it in the middle until your Sadhana is over.
  • To make any vashikaran sadhana successful, after the end of the sadhana, according to your capacity, donate alms and one time meal to a poor person.
  • During Vashikaran Sadhana, do not consume meat and alcohol at all and follow celibacy completely.

The most successful practice of most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back

The mantra that we are going to tell you today to control someone is called most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back mantra and whoever uses this mantra with a true heart to achieve his true purpose, his sadhna will definitely be successful and The one whom he wants to control, remains under his control throughout his life.

Use this most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back mantra only on Saturdays and that too after 10:00 pm. First of all, after 10:00 pm, take a bath and become pure, and wearing white clothes, sit on a white colored seat in a secluded place, facing the north, and keeping the root of the acacia tree in front of you, put a little water on it. Sprinkle Ganges water and purify it by showing incense sticks.

Now keep the root of acacia tree in your right hand and close your fist and chant the following mantra 1108 times with true and focused mind by closing your eyes. Before starting this vashikaran sadhana, keep one thing in mind that remember the mantra well first because at the time of sadhana you have to pronounce the mantras with closed eyes.

॥ ॐ saḥ saḥ for hypnosis Hrim Hrim Om Phat Svahaḥ.

After chanting the Most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back, tie the root of acacia in your right hand with the help of black thread and then next day stay for some time near or around the person whom you wanted to vashikaran.

do this continuously for 11 days and after 11 days You will see yourself that for whom you had done this vashikaran action, a strong attraction towards you will arise inside him and he will always be under your control.

Another proven method of most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back

If you are unable to do the above most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back sadhana, then you can also control someone by using this method.

fastest way to control someone

You will need a few things to perform this meditation:-

  • Paste of sandalwood and Holy water.
  • Pomegranate thin wood for pen.
  • 11 fresh green mango leaves.
  • 51 grains of camphor.

Do this vashikaran sadhana only on Tuesday night, but if you do it on Shukla Paksha night then you will get its effects very fast.

First of all, on Tuesday or Shukla Paksha night, make a swastika mark on the top of mango leaves with sandalwood and Holy water paste and pomegranate wood pen.

Then also write the mantra given below, in the middle of the mantra where so-and-so is written write there the name of the person or woman with whom you want to subdue you.

॥Om Aim Sudarshanaya (Amuka) Vashyam Hum Aim Phat Svahaah॥

After that, sit in a secluded place and burn 51 camphor seeds in front of you and while chanting mantras, put mango leaves in that fire one by one.

While chanting the mantra and burning the leaves, remember only that person whom you want to captivate. Keep chanting the mantras till the camphor fire gets extinguished and the mango leaves become ashes.

After the fire of camphor is over, take out the ashes of mango leaves and keep them in a safe place and put these ashes on the head of that person or woman.

While putting the ashes of mango leaves on the head, keep one thing in mind that no one should see you while putting this ash, otherwise this mantra will not be successful.

Super powerful vashikaran mantra to control girlfriend

Only men should use this super powerful vashikaran, women should not use this mantra. If you love someone and want him to be under your control forever, then you can control him by using this sadhna method.

This is a very simple practice but its effect is super powerful, you can do this method any day, there is no limit of time and day. You have to do this method continuously for 21 days.

To do this, every night before going to sleep, fill a copper vessel with water and place three basil leaves on it and keep the copper vessel in both your hands before sleeping and recite the mantra given below 108 times.

Blow three times into the pot and sleep by keeping it on your pillow.

॥Om Kamamalini Th: Th: Aim Svahaḥ॥

After waking up in the morning again keep the copper pot in both the hands and while chanting the mantra 11 times, blow three times over it. Now after returning, drink half of the water and offer half of the water on a Peepal tree.

If you do this method with a true heart for 21 days continuously, then with this most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back practice, your vashikaran will be successful and the person you love will be under your control.

Do successful vashikaran with black sesame

Both men and women can do this most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back Sadhana and it can be done on any day, but keep one thing in mind that on the day you do it, don’t consume meat and alcohol and follow celibacy completely.

super powerful vashikaran mantra to control girlfriend

To do this, first of all, a day before the day you want to do vashikaran sadhana, soak a handful of black sesame seeds in Ganga water and on the second day take out the black sesame seeds and dry them well.

Now on the day you want to do this sadhna, choose a clean secluded place and sit on the clean ground facing the direction of the house of your boyfriend or girlfriend whom you want to vashikaran and keep the black mole Chant the following mantra 1108 times by taking it in your right hand.

After the mantra chanting is over, blow 21 times on that mole and after chanting the mantras again 11 times, keep it in a safe place. Now when you get time, take this mole and throw it inside the courtyard of your lover or girlfriend’s house.

॥Om Namo Kamadevayai vighmahe Rati Priyayai dhimahi Taino Ananga Prachodaya Aim Sah Sah Phat॥

While throwing the black mole inside the courtyard, take special care of one thing that no one should see you while throwing the mole and throw the mole at such a place where your lover or girlfriend’s foot falls on this mole.

Otherwise this most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back practice will not be successful.

Subdue anyone with the chanting of super powerful vashikaran mantra

If you are unable to do the most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back sadhana mentioned above and you are facing any kind of problem, then you can also do vashikaran by using this sadhana. This sadhana can be used by both men and women and it does not require any rituals.

To do this sadhna successfully, you just have to chant mantras daily for 31 days and if you chant mantras with a true heart, believe me, you can get success in whatever you want to control.

Although you can start this super powerful Vashikaran Sadhana from any day but if you start it from Saturday then you will get 100% success.

To perform this sadhna successfully, after taking bath every morning for 31 consecutive days, sit at a secluded place on a clean ground facing north-east and chant the mantra given below with a rosary of Rudraksha.

॥Om Namo Mahashabari Shakti Remove my evil and accomplish my work Svahaḥ॥

Do this action continuously for 31 days and after the end of the meditation, donate black blankets or black clothes to the poor according to your ability.

Within a few days of doing the sadhna successfully, you will see that the person for whom you had done this super powerful vashikaran sadhna will be completely under your control.

Most powerful vashikaran mantra for love back final Conclusion

So these were some successful mantras and methods of super powerful Vashikaran Sadhana which you can use according to your circumstances to solve your problems.

As we said in the beginning of this chapter itself that for any Vashikaran or Vedic Sadhana to be successful, it is necessary to have concentration of mind and truthfulness of purpose, if you use these methods to fulfil your selfishness or to cheat someone.

If you use mantras, you will never get success in life and you may have to face its negative and bad consequences, so do not chant or use these mantras unless your purpose is true and your mind is not concentrated.

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