5 Step Guide on How to actually open a portal to hell and summon Lucifer

In mythology there are some ritual on How to open a portal to hell? Many people who have experimented with dark magic have attempted to open a passageway to the depths of Hell.

Unfortunately, many of them were unsuccessful, while some actually succeeded but failed to protect themselves from the forces they had called upon.

As a result, their minds and souls fell victim to the never-ending flames of the underworld.

The portals that were opened remain an opportunity for demonic entities to enter our world.

Yet due to their lack of experience and knowledge of magic, they only managed to create half-finished passages that allowed certain malevolent spiritual energies through but not actual demons themselves.

Those who summoned them faced even worse fates as they succumbed to these wicked forces and lost control over their own sanity. You can practice open a portal to hell ritual in groups.

When attempting to access the depths of Hell, those who desired entrance could no longer rely on the powers of the underworld to maintain their physical forms–instead, they had to inhabit a host body.

How to open a portal to hell

Unfortunately for lesser-experienced magicians, this often meant sacrificing themselves in pursuit of their goal.

As a result, locations where these rituals were conducted have been left plagued by lingering spiritual disturbance and otherworldly manifestations.

For those with serious ambitions concerning opening passageways to Hades, though, I’ve created this comprehensive guide to help ensure safe and successful completion.

Best of luck!

How to actually open a portal to hell

A “hell portal” is a concept often found in mythology, folklore, and fictional works. It is typically depicted as a gateway or doorway that connects the mortal world with the realm of Hell, which is considered a place of punishment, suffering, or torment in various belief systems.

In different stories, the portrayal of a hell portal can vary. Some describe it as a physical doorway or a mystical portal that opens under certain conditions or rituals.

Others depict it as a metaphorical concept representing a connection between different dimensions or realms.

However, it’s important to note that hell portals are purely fictional and do not exist in reality. To perform a ritual to open a portal to hell you should have a look for group.

They are primarily found in literature, movies, video games, and other forms of entertainment.

Find a group of summoner

In order to create a portal to Hell, it is essential for a group of powerful occultists to come together.

Through the combination of their energies, an opening may be created with much greater potency than what could ever be achieved by an individual.

With such power comes the capacity for longer-lasting portals with more monstrous entities being able to enter our realm. There are some ritual on how to open a portal to hell.

Finding individuals for this endeavor can be a challenge, as not everyone is willing to risk their lives in pursuit of meeting Diablo.

The best option might be to form or join a cult of Satan worshippers or try finding ambitious ceremonial magick practitioners who are keen on testing their own powers.

Find a suitable area

Finding an appropriate area for ritual performance is of paramount importance. It should be a secluded, tranquil place with no outside disturbances or unnatural energy flows.

Rural environments are preferable to urban ones. An ideal setting is one that includes a historical ruin surrounded by nature. Having an ancient portal within the ruins can be especially advantageous.

For example, the triumphal arch of Emperor Hadrian could serve this purpose; if there is not a similar ruin nearby, it may be worth travelling to find one. You can experience some fear while perform open a portal to hell Ritual.

open a portal to hell

Ancient energy centers around the globe can provide significantly more magical power than can be normally generated. Examples of these sites include Stonehenge and Drombeg stone circle in Ireland.

Proponents of black magic often caution against using Christian churches for summoning due to potential hostility from the summoned entities. This is not an issue with pagan grounds, where there was no moral and magical dualism in place.

Many beings thought of as demons today were once worshipped by ancient people, such as Astaroth who was known as Ishtar throughout the Mesopotamian region.

Therefore, without worry of danger, pagan sites may be used to open portals.

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Perform the ritual at 3 AM

It has long been speculated that the spiritual realm crosses over into our own reality at 3 AM. open a portal to hell ritual can be done at 3 AM.

Many supernatural phenomena have been reported to occur at this hour, leading to the suggestion that we are more open to connecting with otherworldly forces during this time.

This makes this time of night a prime opportunity for creating portals to the afterlife.

Dress appropriately

There is no strict dress code, but it is recommended to keep the clothing simple and uniform. A dark or red magician’s robe is the most ideal. This is a part of open a portal to hell ritual.

All participants should dress in similar attire, with two exceptions being made: one for the magicians who are entering a portal, and another for the leader of the group who will ignite the flames according to ritual instructions.

While these exceptions are not absolute necessities, they can provide useful visual cues when it comes time to conduct the ritual and avoid any confusion.

Ritual Instructions

Assemble a team of determined ceremonial magicians and secure the perfect location for the ritual. It is now 3 AM, so begin the ceremony:

open a portal to hell rituals
Spread gasoline or some other flammable material over the ground.

If you are not in an area with a stable archway or portal, draw a circle on the ground using the fuel to mark where it will form.

When utilizing a portal or arch, draw a direct line from one side to the other. Ensure that the fire does not spread by using enough material to create a substantial flame.

Additionally, clear away any grass and debris nearby, and ensure you are in an area where you will not be disturbed. You can summon Lucifer in order to perform open a portal to hell ritual.

If necessary, verify whether it is permissible to be there before proceeding; normally at 3 AM this should not be an issue away from populated areas.

Surround the portal and start to chant

Before lighting the fire, start chanting as a group this particular portal-opening chant:

Conjuro potentiae Lucifer

Patefacio a porta ad inferos

Et tua deamones transire

Sic urantar mundi

As the 30th repetition draws closer, the leader of the group should make their way to the portal and ignite the fire. Following this, they must take their place in the open a portal to hell ritual once again as chants continue for a further 30 reps.

At the 60th repetition, all magicians should kneel with hands stretched out and palms facing away from the flames at a safe distance while sending energy from their hands towards said flames.

Chanting should resume for an additional 30 repetitions.

When 90 repetitions have been reached, something extraordinary will occur- be it watching spirits ascend from the flame or other unseen supernatural activity.

This is ultimately dependant on how much power and connection has been forged by those performing this open a portal to hell ritual together.

Can you enter the portal?

Entering Hell may not be the most pleasant experience imaginable, but if you’re determined to explore the Underworld, do so with caution. Make sure that the magicians remain in kneeling position and focus their energy on keeping the portal open.

Ensure that the flames from the portal are either sufficiently low or extinguished, so as to avoid any potential injury. It’s all part of open a portal to hell rituals.

In case of feeling overwhelmed or homesick, you’ll need an exit back home – hence do not stray too far from your partners’ circle for long periods of time.

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Has this ritual been performed in the past?

We recently engaged in a ritual with a group at an ancient, remote location in the pennsylvania.

For obvious reasons, we’ll remain anonymous in regards to both the group and the location. There are some advantage of open a portal to hell ritual.

Speaking about high-level occult activities carries more of a social stigma than bragging rights, so it’s best left undiscussed.

The impact of the ritual was immense and impressive to all who took part. Consequently, this is the only ritual I’d recommend for directly accessing Hell.

Although there may be other rituals that prove even more effective, we haven’t tried them or been informed of them yet.

We have all agreed to never disclose any information concerning this ritual beyond our circle – eternally binding ourselves to our oaths.

If you would like to experience similar effects yourself, werefer you to this article for further instruction on how to do so safely and appropriately.

Disclaimer: The content on this website is for entertainment purposes only. In no way should the content be considered as advice, encouragement or instructions to perform any action. 

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