5 Powerful way How to use Protection from black magic with some simple and easy to do things

There are some Powerful tips on protection from black magic. You can learn how to Use Protection Magic: 5 Spells That Clear Negative Energy & Shield You from Bad Vibes.

Protection has long been sought after by humans. In ancient times, tribes needed to feel secure and protected from physical danger, but now the focus is on protecting ourselves energetically and spiritually.

One way to do that is by using protection magic.

This simple yet powerful practice can be used to create boundaries around your aura, shield you from negative energy, revitalize your energy levels, and even keep people with malicious intent away.

It doesn’t have to be complicated either – often the simplest spells are the most effective! These are basic Protection from black magic.

How to use Protection from black magic

Spellcasting as a means of manifesting our desires into reality dates back far beyond witchcraft; it’s still part of modern practical magic and spiritual rituals today.

The range of protection spells depends on the ritual and intentions that are set. It is paramount to dedicate sufficient time to focus during these spells, as energy follows focus.

As a modern-day witch, I am here to share my best strategies for ensuring your health, home and well-being are all safely guarded.

Below are five top protection spells to integrate into your spiritual practice.

How to use Protection from black magic

How to protect yourself from black magic .We need to understand that black magic is nothing but the predominance of negative energies in our lives.

So, the simplest solution would be to remove these negative energies from our lives. Some basic Protection from black magic can be done at home.

There are some very simple tools through which the effects of negative energies can be reduced or removed. Of course, it also depends upon how grave the situation is or badly the spell has affected the victim.

If the situation is serious then obviously a lot more serious activities need to be carried out to stop the effects of these spells.

We can take the help of the holy people, like priests, pandits, maulvis, tantriks etc., then there are people who have trained themselves in this field and understand how the dynamics of these energies work and how to tackle them.

Of course, there are cases where even they find themselves to be helpless on account of approaching them at a time by when the situation was irredeemable.

Some people undergo Séance to cleanse the place of evil spirits. Others go for more individual healing. Here we will discuss more about Protection from black magic and how to use them without any guru.

5 Protection Spells That Guard Your Energy

People who are looking to cause harm to others by any means may hire the services of black magic practitioners to cast spells over unsuspecting victims.

The rituals for such spells can be bizarre, with ingredients ranging from bat’s wings to pig’s tongue and other strange objects. Sadly, these methods appear to work and have created a thriving market for them.

The victim is typically unaware that they are under a spell and the effects could at times be so subtle the person does not initially realize what has been done to them.

In many cases, it is too late when they do come to understand what has happened. These are basic but powerful tips about Protection from black magic.

This can involve prolonged attempts that fail despite continuous effort; mysteriously occurring health issues which cannot be cured; and inexplicably.

There are Top 5 Protection Spells That Guard Your Energy from Black magic and negative energy.

Wear a Red Bracelet for Protection from black magic

Red Bracelet

What it does: Ward off the “evil eye”

In many Latin American countries, it is a tradition for family and friends to give their beloved ones red string bracelets.

This practice is intended to protect the wearer from any negative energy caused by envy or ill wishes of others, known as “mal de ojo”. Not only does the bracelet work as a shield against such energies, it also serves as a symbol of good luck.

Ensure that you have a trusted individual tie your red string bracelet on your left wrist for optimal results; the left side of the body is linked to our “receiving” or feminine energy. It is simple but effective Protection from black magic.

Before the bracelet is placed upon your wrist, make sure you and your partner properly set an intention – either through reciting “this bracelet is meant to bring protection, luck and good fortune to the person who wears it” or silently and jointly before tying it.

It is essential to keep in mind that in traditional practice, a red bracelet should not be touched by the wearer once it has been removed.

It is believed to be bad luck to recover it if it had broken off and that the protective power of the bracelet has expired. You can use this Protection from black magic.

Therefore, it is better to ask someone close by to take care of the disposal of the bracelet or just leave it as it is and walk away.

When performing protection spells, all parts of the process need to be taken into account and not only those which are interesting, pleasurable or initial stages.

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Recite a Prayer to the Elements

Recite a Prayer to the Elements

What it does: Invite protective energy into your life

This practice does not necessitate any extra items. To begin casting your defensive spell, take three slow breaths in and out to help calm and centre yourself. Once done, recite the following protective spell three times:

Elements of the sun,

Elements of the day,

Please come this way.

Powers of the Night and Day, I summon thee.

I call upon thee to protect me! So may it be.

This powerful and protective spell has been in use by occultists, witches and believers for centuries.

When chanting this incantation, focus on amplifying your inner-strength of protection. Here are some Protection from black magic you can apply without any guide.

Visualize a ball of golden energy encircling you while repeating the words, growing stronger with each repetition.

Drink Fire Cider a powerful Protection from black magic


What it does: Replenish your spiritual & physical vitals

Our health is a key indicator of our vitality, longevity, and energy levels.

It is imperative that we take the steps necessary to protect and maintain our wellness through the use of protective measures such as Fire Cider or a tincture of the Gods.

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To make Fire Cider:

  1. Mix chopped fresh herbs and vegetables (chilies, oregano, sage, thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric) and fill a glass jar with apple cider vinegar, making sure that the ACV covers all of the other ingredients
  2. Store this new mixture in a cool dark place for 2-4 weeks
  3. Strain your mixture
  4. Take a shot of your Fire Cider potion regularly (especially during cold and flu season or if you have been directly exposed to someone who is sick)

Herbs have been used for centuries as a form of protection against various threats, from vampires to plagues. You can use this Protection from black magic and it is easy to use.

Many herbs possess antiviral properties that can help protect us from illnesses and even negative energy.

Fire Cider is an excellent gift idea, or addition to a care package, for those with a fondness for herbal remedies.

Experimentation in the kitchen is encouraged, to explore the myriad of potential remedies held within these healing plants.

Use Smoke Magic

smoke magic

What it does: Clear away negative energy & unwanted spirits

Smoke has been linked to warding off evil energy and ejecting spirits with ill intentions for a long time.

Candle scrying is one example of this practice, where many people believe that they can be able to focus on their own powerful energy by gazing at the stream of smoke coming from a lit candle.

To understand the origin of this tradition, we can turn to Aboriginal and Native American cultures. You can use this Protection from black magic.

From smoke signals to smudging, to births rituals – these indigenous peoples were pioneers in employing smoke and smudging tools as protective measures.

To start your own protection rituals with smoke, use one or more of the sustainably-sourced following:

  • Incense
  • Herbs (frankincense, pine, cedar, rosemary)
  • Sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Candles

Set an intention before burning. An example would be:

As I ignite this tool, please safeguard me from any negative energies, visible or imperceptible and illuminate the most aligned route ahead of me.

Free but effective Protection from black magic can be done.

Please provide me security from all power that attempts to impede my progress on my path, my delight, my health and my goal. So it shall be.

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Rituals to Protect Your Home

ghost house

What it does: Guard & strengthen your sacred space

Our dwelling is not only the vessel in which we reside, but also a source of vitality. You can do these Protection from black magic without any guide.

To ensure that our home, we, and everything within are safeguarded from external factors such as nosy neighbours, visitors or individuals with knowledge of your domicile address, one must observe protective rituals.

The following steps may aid you in shielding your environment from any possible harm while also preserving your wellbeing, prosperity, bliss and cheerfulness.

Mirror protection magic: Bring a mirror, or several mirrors, to the flame of a lit candle and recite,

“I infuse this mirror with energy from this flame so it can burn away any negative energy. I pass this mirror through the smoke to protect and shield my home.”

Then place the mirrors on each windowed side of your residence. This will reflect back any negative energy back to its source and keep your home safe.

Cleanse the Clutter: Unlock Stalled and Stuck Energy! Clearing our clutter – especially those items laden with nostalgia from our past – helps to keep the energy in the home light and revitalized, creating an atmosphere where love, creativity and clarity can thrive.

Lay out a Line of Salt: Sprinkle some salt at the threshold of each exterior door leading out of your house. It is believed that salt has the ability to absorb negative energy, so be sure to place it on the outside edge of your doorway.

Above all, protection spells and rituals are most effective when you strongly believe in your safety. In times of fear, uncertainty, or distress, connect to the divine energy that your guides and angels wish to provide for you.

Utilize these protection spells often to create steadfast security both within yourself and in your environment. These are some basic Protection from black magic you can apply without any spiritual guru.

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